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.NET is both a business strategy from Microsoft and its collection of programming support for what are known as Web services, the ability to use the Web rather than your own computer for various services. Oops Info Solutions Chandigarh offers advance .net mvc training with only one goal in mind that is to provide individual and business users with a seamlessly interoperable and Web-enabled interface for applications and computing devices and to make computing activities increasingly Web browser-oriented. Dot net is basically a write/copy of Java. In the late 90’s Microsoft attempted to add some Windows extras to Java. The com and Winforms support baked in dot net are quite clearly necessary for Microsoft to leverage their investment in those respective technologies.


Introduction to ASP.NET MVC

  • The role of the Model, View, and Controller

  • Key benefits of ASP.NET MVC

Getting Started With ASP.NET MVC

  • ASP.NET MVC project templates

  • Unde>rstanding the structure of an ASP.NET MVC project

  • Naming conventions

  • Creating views

  • Defining controllers

  • Defining a data model

Creating a complete ASP.NET MVC 4 Application

  • Creating strongly-typed views

  • Understanding URLs and action methods

  • Using HTML helpers

  • Handling form post-backs

  • Data validation

Using the Razor View Engine

  • Getting started with Razor

  • Razor design goals

  • Implementing a Razor view

  • Razor syntax

  • Accessing Model Data in Razor views

Industrial-Strength ASP.NET MVC Applications

  • ASP.NET application architecture best practices

  • Implementing a Repository and Entity Framework Data Model

  • Using Dependency Injection

  • Implementing a custom controller factory

View Techniques

  • Defining and using custom HTML Helpers

  • Defining a layout / MVC Master Page

  • Using Styles

  • Defining and using partial views

  • Razor Helper Method syntax

Implementing Navigation in MVC Web Apps

  • Defining view-model classes

  • Implementing Data Filtering in a Controller

  • Understanding the Routing mechanism

  • Adding custom entries to a route table

  • Defining defaults, parameters, and validation

  • Generating URLs and Hyperlinks

  • Custom Route constraints

MVC State Management

  • Using hidden fields

  • Session and Application State

  • Custom model bindings

Additonal Techniques

  • View Scaffold Templates

  • Controller Scaffold Templates

  • Global Filters

  • Model binding

  • Asynchronous Controllers

Using AJAX and jQuery with ASP.NET MVC

  • Overview of AJAX and ASP.NET MVC

  • Unobtrusive AJAX

  • Using AJAX Action Links

  • Overview of jQuery

  • jQuery Techniques

  • Using jQuery UI

ASP.NET MVC & LINQ - Working with Data

  • Language features used in LINQ

  • Creating simple LINQ queries

  • Using LINQ queries in a Web application

  • Defining a data repository

  • Using LINQ to define a data access component

ASP.NET MVC 4 Techniques & Best Practices

  • View scaffold templates

  • Controller scaffold templates

  • Dependency injection


  • Overview of the ASP.NET Web API

  • Building servers and clients

  • Content negotiation

  • Validation

  • Query able Interfaces

  • Dependency Injection

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