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Completing AngularJS Training from a well reputed company is very important as AngularJS  is a latest technology and current requirement of the companies. For boosting logic in angular JS you must go through MVC Framework and components and tools used in angular JS. The Training will be provided by Mr. Umesh Kumar having 10 years experience in Web-development and Mr. Manjit Singh having 15 years experience in Web-technologies. Angular JS is also used in industries in all Technologies like .Net, advance Java, PHP Etc. Oops Info Solutions Chandigarh provides angularJS training in Chandigarh. AngularJS is a web based Javascript framework introduced by Google. It is an Open Source which is based on HTML, CSS and JavaScript. AngularJS is latest framework to develop web based application. It follows the MVC pattern. AngularJS provides server based services and provide light weight web sites. In this training we cover Directives, Controllers, Filters, Events, Modules, Routing, Dependency Injection etc.

Undergoing AngularJS Training from Oops Info Solutions Chandigarh, helps you compete with industry requirements and helps you to stand among various industry experts.


  • Importance of AngularJS

  • Key Features of AngularJS

  • Advantages of AngularJS

  • Disadvantages of AngualrJS

  • AngularJS Components

  • ng-app

  • ng-model

  • ng-bind

AngularJS Environment Setup

  • AngularJS Download

  • GitHub

  • CDN

  • Disadvantages of AngularJS

  • ng-app

  • ng-model

  • ng-bind

MVC Architecture/MVVM

  • Model – It is the Lowest Level of the Pattern Responsible for Maintaining Data

  • View – It is Responsible for Displaying all or a Portion of the Data to the User

  • Controller – It is a Software Code that Controls the Interactions Between the Model and View

SPA(Single Page Application)

  • Architecture of SPA

First Application

  • Load Framework

  • Define AngularJS Application Using ng-app Directive

  • Define a Model Name Using ng-model Directive

  • Bind the Value of Above Model Defined Using ng-bing Directive

  • Run AngularJS Application


  • ng-app

  • ng-bind

  • ngBindHTML

  • ngBindTemplate

  • ngBlur

  • ngChange

  • ngChecked

  • ngClass

  • ngClassOdd, ngClassEven

  • ngClick

  • ngCloak

  • ngController

  • ngCopy, ngCut

  • ngDblClick

  • ngDisabled

  • ngHide

  • ngIf

  • ngRepeat

  • ngShow

  • ngStyle

Custom Directives

  • properties

  • restrict

  • scope

  • template

  • templateURL

  • controller

  • controllerAs

  • priority

  • link

  • compile

  • transclude


  • Using Numbers

  • Using Strings

  • Using Object

  • Using Array


  • Controllers Overview


  • Uppercase Filter

  • Lowercase Filter

  • Currency

  • Filter

  • Orderby

AngularJS - HTML DOM

  • VIew in AngularJS


  • Scope Inheritence


  • Creating the Services by : Factory Service

Design Patterns

  • Dependency Injection

  • Supreme Dependency Injection Mechanism by AngularJS

  • Value

  • Service

  • Provider

  • Constant

  • Internatization

  • Routing

  • POC(Proof of Concept)

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