Expert Training by 15 Years Experts

At Oops Info Solutions Chandigarh, the skills of testing the software effectively and making it a quality product is imparted through a project based SQT Six weeks training. With the majority of business activities going online, the task specific applications and customized applications are required for the efficient workflow. Being trained in the testing skills boost your career prospects in the software industry.

The SQT Six Weeks Training program helps the budding software testers and the professionals to enhance their knowledge on both the manual and automated testing tools. The course curriculum of the manual testing is based on ISTQB certification pattern. This covers the models of software engineering, fundamentals of testing, types of testing, and discussion on project life cycle. The difference between quality assurance and quality control along with risk and configuration management is also explained in support of real-life examples.

The expert trainers with wide industry experience will also explain the significance of automation testing tools including Quick Test Professional (QTP) and Quality Center (QC).


Software Quality Testing: Practice Overview

  • History of Software Engineering

  • Terms in Software Testing

  • Defect, Error ,Bug , Failure

  • Software Development Life-Cycle(SDLC)

Models of Software Engineering

  • Waterfall Mode

  • Prototype model

  • Spiral Model

  • Incremental Model

  • RAD Model etc.

Terms Related to Software Engineering, Testing and Quality

  • Defination of Quality

  • Quality Assurance and Quality Control

  • Verification and Validation

Static Testing

  • Walk-Through, Reviews and Inspection

  • The Review Process

  • Requirement Design and Code Reviews

ISO, CMM and 6Sigma Certification and its Use in Context to Software Testing Levels

  • Unit Testing

  • Integration Testing

  • System testing

  • UAT

Software Testing Methodology

  • White Box

  • Black Box

  • Grey Box

An Overview of White Box Testing

  • Basis Path Testing

  • Flow Graph Notation

  • Cyclomatic Complexity

  • Control Structure testing

  • Condition Testing

  • Loop Testing

Types of Testing

  • Acceptance Testing

  • Alpha Testing

  • adhoc Testing

  • Exploratory Testing

  • Performance Testing

  • Load Testing

  • Stress Testing

  • Volume Testing

  • Random Testing

  • Re-Testing

  • Regression Testing

  • Sanity Testing

  • Smoke Testing

  • Security Testing

  • Usability Testing

  • Validation Testing etc…

Test Plan

  • Create Test Plan on a Project

  • Test Deliverables (Test ware)

  • Test Case Writing Techniques

Black Box Testing (Optimizing Techniques)

  • Equivalence Class Partitioning

  • Boundary value analysis

  • Decision Table

  • Use Case

  • Introduction of Web Testing

  • Real Time Implementation of Testing Project & Domain Knowledge session

  • Review Of Test Cases(Lab)

  • Execution Of Test Cases(Lab)

  • Bug life cycle

  • Bug Reporting process

  • Bug Reporting (On Live Projects/Lab

Database Testing with SQL or Test Professionals

  • What is Database Application ?

  • Understanding data storage

  • Back end & front end Testing

  • General Database Basics

  • Relational Database Concepts


  • What is Database Application ?

  • Understanding data storage

  • Back end & front end Testing

  • General Database Basics

  • Relational Database Concepts

Basic SQL

  • Overview of DML , DDL, TCL

  • DML : Insert , update , Delete , marge

  • Restricting & Sorting Data

  • SQL functions

  • single row functions

  • character functions, number functions, round truncate , mod,mx,min,date

  • general functions

  • cont, avg, sum, now etc..

  • joining tables

  • obtaining data from multiple tables

  • types of join inner joins,left joins , right join

  • operator (data ussing droup functions)

  • distinct, order by, group by, equal to etc..

  • database object(constraints and views)

  • notNull

  • unique

  • primary key

  • foreign key

Introduction to VBScript

  • what is vb-script

  • vb-script data types , varible sub types

  • variables naming variables declaring variables

  • public statements , rem statements , option explicit

  • statements assigning values to variables

Scalar and Array VBScript Operator

  • arithmetic operator

  • comparison operator

  • logical operator

Conditional Statements VBScript Operator

  • if then else

  • select case

Looping VBScript Operator

  • do..while

  • do…loop

  • for… next

  • for… each next

Constants VBScript Operator

  • functions

  • regular expressions

  • automated tested tools

  • hp interactive

Automated Testing Tools

  • HP interactive

Quick Test Professional (qtp.11.0)

  • ntroduction

  • Types of Recording

  • Normal

  • Analog

  • Low level

  • Types of OR

  • Merging of OR

  • Check points

  • Standard Check Point

  • Test Check Points

  • Text area Check Point

  • Database Check Poin

  • Accessability Check Point

  • XML Check Point

  • Parameterization

  • Output Values

  • Standard Output Check Points

  • Text Output Check Point

  • Text area Output Check Points

  • Database Output Check Points

  • XML Output Check point

  • Using Regular Expression Recovery Scenario Manager

  • PoPUP

  • Object State

  • Test Run Error

  • Application Crash

  • Actions

  • Call to New Action

  • Call to existing Action

  • Call to Copy Action

  • Batch Execution


  • introduction to winrunner

  • testing process

  • learning methods

  • gui map

  • recording methods

  • check points

  • compile module

  • batch test

  • exception handling

  • virtual objects wizard

  • breakpoints

  • analyzing and reporting test results

  • context senstive

  • analog

  • gui checkpoints

  • get text

  • Introduction

  • through dynamic input submission

  • through flat file

  • through data driver wizard