ReactJS Training In Chandigarh

Best ReactJs Training in chandigarh mohali is provided by our experts with more than 15 years experience. You can meet your trainer, get demo classes before joining the Course. ReactJs Development Training is provided by Umesh Sir having 15 years experience in JS Frameworks , Java Script , JQuery , AngularJS etc. Not only students but many Php and UI Designers and Developers get their training from them. thousand of students working in Php have learned ReactJS from him. It is great opportunity for students to join this company. If students are not satisfied then their fee is refundable. We also provide 100% Placement in ReactJS and UI. We have link with 80 companies who always hire our students. You can check the list of students we have placed in many reputed companies.

ReactJs Syllabus

  • History of front end libraries

  • Motivation for using React

  • Key differentiators (Virtual DOM, One way binding)

  • Thinking in React

React Components
  • React component

  • Render function

  • Component API

  • Component lifecycle

  • State

  • Props

  • Mixins

  • JSX

React internals
  • Component composition

  • Pass data from parent to child

  • Pass data from child to parent

Component styling
  • Radium

  • CSS Modules


Unit testing components
  • Jasmine

  • React test utilities

Performance optimizations
  • PureRenderMixin

  • Expensive DOM manipulations

  • Performance tools

  • Using Flux

  • React & Reflux: Actions & Stores

  • React & Reflux: Modifying data

  • Managing State

  • Retrieving and upadating data in state

  • Managing Routes using Front End

  • Navigating with Internal and External Routing

Axios / Fetch
  • Sending Request to Node and other server using axios/fetch statement

  • Receiving data using api and managing with map

Shopping Cart
  • Creating Shopping Cart using Front End

  • Calculation of Bill payment after checkout

React Context
  • Managing State using Context

  • Route interface and Navigation with Context management

Redux-State Management
  • Redux store,action,reducers

  • Middlewares

  • Saga

  • Thunk

Web Api & Services
  • Creating Web-api’s

  • Postman:Api testing

  • Perfomance Testing

  • Thunk


  • Creating Sessions

  • Creating Shopping Cart

  • Middlewares

  • Accessing Server with Api

  • Fetching and updated data

  • Axios+Node

  • Creating CRUD with MongoDB

  • Managing Sessions using Saga+Mongodb

  • Creating Project

Uploading React Project On Live Server
  • Uploading React Project on Web Server

  • Configuring Database with Front End

  • Linux/Windows Web Servers

  • Testing React Script

  • Testing React + Node Script

  • Creating Project

Graph QL
  • React Script With Graph QL

  • Managing Script With Graphical Representation

  • Integrating Different Modules

View , Nest , Next
  • View Js as Front END

  • Next Js, Nest Js both for back-end and front-end

  • Project Integration

ReactJS Training Chandigarh

React is a front-end library developed by Facebook. It is used for handling the view layer for web and mobile apps. ReactJS allows us to create reusable UI components. It is currently one of the most popular JavaScript libraries and has a strong foundation and large community behind it.

ReactJs Training from a software development company is effective for all and we will provide you an opportunity to work as full stack developer in Oops Info solutions. Also we provide an alternate for better change in your current job with updation of advance technologies trained by our experts.

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