Undergo Linux Administration Training (RH413) at OOPS INFO SOLUTIONS

Going for Red Hat Linux Administration Training (RH413) at Oops Info Solutions is the first practical step towards building career in Linux administration. This training will imbibe the skills to explore the Linux environment like an experienced Linux administrator. Gaining knowledge on the Linux fundamentals and its implementation will surely boost your chances of getting employed in good companies.

The training loaded with lots of hands-on practice and industry experience of the trainer will guide you on the architecture and working principles of the Linux administration environment. This industrial training will help you understand the structure of this operating system and interact with it through command line utilizes and graphical user interface (GUI) tools. How to install, maintain, administer, and troubleshooting the file system and partition management. Adding the users and managing their authentication and authorization is also illustrated in support of different examples.

This 4/6 weeks industrial training gauges you with the knowledge and skills to take charge asa Linux administration.

Track Security Updates

  • Understand How Red Hat Enterprise Linux Produces Updates and How to Use yum to Perform Queries

Manage Software Updates

  • Develop a Process for Applying Updates to Systems Including Verifying Properties of the Update

Create File Systems

  • Allocate an Advanced File System Layout and Use File System Encryption

Manage File Systems

  • Adjust File System Properties Through Security Related Options and File System Attributes

Manage Special Permissions

  • Work With Set User ID(SUID), Set Group ID(SGID) and Sticky(SVTX) Permissions and Locate Files With These Permissions Enabled

Manage Additional File Access Controls

  • Modify default permissions applied to files and directories; work with file access control lists.

Monitor For File System Changes

  • Configure Software to Monitor the Files on Your Machine for Changes

Manage User Accounts

  • Set Password-Aging Properties for Users, Adult User Accounts

Manage Pluggable Authentication Modules (PAMs)

  • Apply Changes to PAMs to Enforce Different of Rules on Users

Secure Console Access

  • Adjust Properties for Various Console Services to Enable or Disable Settings Based on Security

Install Central Authentication

  • Install and Configure a Red Hat Identity Management Server and Client

Manage Central Authentication

  • Configure Red Hat Identify Management Rules to Control Both User Access to Client Systems and Additional Privileges Granted to Users on Those Systems.

Control Access to Network Services

  • Manage Firewall Rules to Limit Connectivity to Network Services