Mean Stack Training in Chandigarh | Mohali

Mean Stack Training in Chandigarh | Mohali is provided by our experts have more than 18 year of experience. Students are trained to create full stack web applications with MongoDB, Express and Angular js, React Js and Node js. Attendees build an MVC application using these technologies along with scaffolding provided by MEAN.IO or MEAN.JS.

Mean Stack Training plays a vital role in shaping career of young IT aspirants/students. This training is specifically introduced so that students can get familiar with current industrial culture and industry requirements. Oops Info Solutions offers 6 months mean stack training program to undergraduates /graduates which includes minor plus major projects. Some of the projects included are Enterprise Network Implementation, Airport network design project, major WAN implementation and head office network implementation & security. To check course detail , go to training plan. We offer 4/6 Weeks Industrial to students from domains like CS/IT, MBA. Such programs are usually for 4/6 weeks where our experienced trainers impart practical knowledge, share their industry experiences, and prepare the young candidates to face the challenges of industry and assimilate in the corporate environment. With live project-based training, in Oops Info Solutions 4/6 Weeks Industrial program helps to improve the overall job-placement rate as students face interviews more confidently, exhibit problem-solving skills, develop a broad outlook and gain industry exposure. Hence, candidates who understand the practical application of concepts are readily hired by corporate.

Through our project-based 6 Week Mean Stack Training workshops, our trainers practically build upon theoretical concepts covered at the college level and provide live project training. Students are able to solve problems in a real-time environment that opens a window to the professional world. They become more confident, as well as find a connection between their chosen field and required industry standards.

JavaScript Kick Start

  • Basics

  • DOM, Event Handling

  • AJAX, Global Variable Prevention

  • Caching, Functional Programming, Object Oriented, Debugging

Bootstrap Overview

  • Responsive App, Layouts, Architecture 

  • Components

  • Developing Websites Using Bootstrap


  • JavaScript MVC and Overview of Angular-JS Framework 

  • DI Controllers

  • Route, Directive and Filters

  • 3rd Party Angular-JS Modules

  • Testing Angular-JS

  • Angular-JS Tools


  • Node-JS Overview 

  • Modules/Packages

  • Events and Streams

  • Network Communication and Web Technology

  • Build Web Application Using Express and MongoDB

  • MongoDB Setup, CRUD Operations

  • Real Time Communication Using Socket

  • Process Module

  • Testing in Node-JS

  • Integration of Angular-JS with Node-JS

Session 6

  • Advanced Meshing and Techniques

  • 2D Map Meshing

  • 3D Meshing-Tetra

  • Modeling Using Axisymmetry

Session 7

  • Finalizing FE model for Analysis

  • Creating Quality Mesh

  • Buckling

  • Eigen Values

  • Piping P Section

Session 8

  • Thermal Analysis 

  • Conduction

  • Convection

  • Radiation

  • Thermal and Mixed Boundary Examples

Session 9

  • Joints 

  • Springs

  • Sub-Structuring

  • Creating Super Element

Session 10

  • Coupled Structure

  • Melting Using Element Death

  • Contact Elements

Session 11

  • Project Handling

  • FEA Reports and Backups

  • Data Plotting

Session 12

  • Project Skills

  • Concluding Lecture

  • General Queries


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