Java flutter Training In Chandigarh

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Java flutter Syllabus


  • Intro to layout widgets in Flutter

  • Aspect ratio and expanded widgets

  • Creating equal containers

  • Fractionally sized boxes

Routing in flutter

  • Simple routing

  • Named routes

Flutter and web requests

  • Setting up the project

  • Data modeling with dummy data

  • Working with lists and debugging

  • Working with card widgets and themes

  • Styling widgets and working with the chip widget

  • JSON serialization

  • HTTP requests

  • Future builders

Writing native ios & android code

  • Understanding the Android Flutter architecture

  • Building the UI for native Flutter app

  • Working with channel methods

  • Android Native AND Understanding Flow

  • Android native part 2

  • iOS native implementation

Building layouts

  • Switching between apps

  • Writing the root widget of the app

  • Adding the MaterialApp

  • Adding some folders to our project

  • Adding a sign-in page

Firebase authentication

  • Local and remote authentication

  • Introduction to Firebase

  • Creating a Firebase project

  • Configuring Firebase for Android

  • Configuring Firebase for iOS

  • Installing the firebase_core and firebase_auth packages

  • Initializing the Firebase App

  • Running on iOS and updating Cocoapo

Full authentication flow, state management & dependency injection

  • Preview of the sign-in and sign-out flow

  • Creating a landing page widget

  • Adding a Firebase User to the LandingPage

  • Adding a callback to the SignInPage

  • Hooking up the onSignIn callback

  • Creating the home page

Streams & streambuilder

  • Handling errors and closing streams

  • The authStateChanges stream

  • Listening to the authStateChanges stream

  • Adding the StreamBuilder code

Google & facebook sign-in

  • Overview of the Firebase sign-in methods

  • Enabling support for Google Sign In

  • Adding Google Sign-In to the Auth class

  • Hooking up Google Sign-In to our button


  • shopping

  • car pooling

  • friend tracking

  • social networking

  • car race game

  • services APP

Java flutter Training Chandigarh

Java flutter Tutorial provides basic and advanced concepts of the Flutter framework. Flutter is a UI toolkit for building fast, beautiful, natively compiled applications for mobile, web, and desktop with one programing language and single codebase. It is free and open-source. Initially, it was developed from Google and now manages by an ECMA standard. Flutter apps use Dart programming language for creating an app.

Java flutter TrainingFlutter is different from other frameworks because it neither uses WebView nor the OEM widgets that shipped with the device. Instead, it uses its own high-performance rendering engine to draw widgets. It also implements most of its systems such as animation, gesture, and widgets in Dart programing language that allows developers to read, change, replace, or remove things easily. It gives excellent control to the developers over the system.