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Best Python Training in Chandigarh and mohali is provided by 15 years experts at Oops Info solutions. We provides the best python training with machine learning in Chandigarh. Python is a key dialect that organizations are embracing as a stage of decision for different applications. There are a lot of organizations that are searching for Python prepared assets. In the event that you are hoping to better vocation openings, at that point getting yourself prepared in one the best Python preparing foundations in Chandigarh.

Python with web Development

Oops Info solutions also provide best python training with Djengo Framework in Chandigarh – Mohali. We also boost logic in python. Python is a perfect dialect to learn for novices as it is straightforward and simple to learn. Python is an open source widely used general purpose high level programming language that has been used for over a two decades. Python has straightforward programming construct, moderately less number of lines of code, simple comprehensibility and effective highlights settle on if a dialect of decision for many applications. Oops Info Solution also provide guaranteed placement in python in chandigarh and mohali.

Introduction About PYTHON

  • What is Python..?

  • Installing Python

  • How to execute Python program

  • Getting help

  • Writing your first program


  • Python keywords & Identifiers

  • Python Indentation

  • Comments

  • Getting user input

  • Exercise

Variables and Data Types

  • Variables

  • Numbers

  • Strings

  • Lists

  • Tuple

  • Dictionary

  • Exercise

Decision Making Loops

  • Control Flow Statements

  • While loop

  • for loop

  • break & continue statement

  • pass statement

  • Exercise


  • Introduction

  • Calling a function

  • Function arguments

  • Built-in functions

  • Scope of variables

  • Passing function to a function

  • Decorators

  • Lambda

  • Exercise

Modules and Packages

  • What is module..?

  • Importing module


  • What is django..?

  • Installing django


  • About view function

  • HttpRequest & HttpResponse

  • How to create views..?


  • Define models

  • Setting up database access

  • Creating django apps

  • Defining model fields

  • Creating a model

  • How to create tables for models in Database

  • Adding Model String Representations

  • Inserting & updating Data

  • Filtering Data

  • Ordering Data

  • Slicing Data

  • Deleting Objects


  • Html forms

  • GET & POST methods

  • Form fields in django

  • Building a form in Django

  • Placing form instance into the templates context

DJANGO Admin Interface

  • Enabling admin interface

  • Creating admin user


Why Choose oops for Python Training in Chandigarh region

  • We have tie up with more than 50 companies who directly hire our students.

  • We provide on training placement.

  • Python is current requirement of the companies in chandigarh, mohali etc.

  • Oops provide training since 2005 in all advanced technologies.

  • We provide Free Demo Classes for one week.

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