Swift Programming in Chandigarh/Mohali

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Swift Programming Curriculum


Variables and Constant

  • Variable Declaration and Syntax for Variable Declaration

  • Type Defining the Variable

  • Constant Declaration

  • Syntax for Declaring the Constant

  • Type Annotation

  • Type Alias and it’s Importance

  • Tuples and it’s benefits

  • How Values are Interpreted in Print Statement

  • Optional Variables Concepts

  • Implicit Optional Unwrapping Concepts


Operators and Collection Type

  • Changes in Some of the Operators

  • Arrays and Dictionaries


Control Flow and Loops

  • If, Else If and Switch Statements

  • Various Looping Options


Functions or Methods, Closure and Subscripts

  • Method Declaration and Parameters

  • Functions as Types

  • Functions as Parameters

  • Functions as Returned Type

  • Nesting of function Definition

  • Closure Concepts

  • Subscripts


Classes and OOPS concepts

  • Class Declaration and Class File Structure

  • Working of Factory Design Patterns

  • Initializer and deinitializer



Properties and Protocols

  • Properties of SWIFT 4

  • How Properties Play Vital Role in Memory Management

  • Protocols in SWIFT 4


Automatic Reference Counting

  • ARC Concept

  • Strong Reference between Instance of Classes

  • References, Closure and Open Chaining


Type Casting

  • ANY and ANY Object

  • Nested Type, Generic Types and Functions


Application Setup

  • Various Classes Created on Project Creation

  • App Delegate Class



  • UIView Hierarchy

  • Various UI Components and UI Elements


Application Architecture of iOS Applications

  • Single View Application

  • Multi Controller Applications and it’s Types



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