Expert Training by 15 Years Experts

With the increase of iPhone users, the demand of iPhone application developers is also raising massively. Our six months iOS training in  immerses the candidates in the technical and functional details of the applications. This training is a perfect blend of experienced professional, intensive practicals, and exposure to tools for collectively getting a rich learning experience.

Getting started with the iOS Training, the aspirants will learn about iPhone simulator and the skills of building and installing the applications. The different elements used to provide easy user interface are also explained. The course covers the methods of creating windows, views, navigation bars, controllers, animations, alerts and other important components of an application. Integrating audio and video with the applications is also explained through hands-on exercises. Learning event handling, network programming, and the use of address book through project based approach will make you more confident.

By the end of the iOS training programming course, you will able to understand the specified problem and deliver the optimized application. This skill will enable you to start a solid career.

What You Should Know?

  • Requirements: Installing the SDK

  • Becoming a Registered Apple Developer

  • Joining the iOS Developer Program

  • Creating a Simple iOS Application

  • The Four Pillars of iOS Application Development

The Tools

  • Using XCode

  • Using the iOS Simulator

  • Understanding the iOS Application Life-Cycle

  • Using the Model-View-Controller (MVC) Design Pattern

Simple iPhone Application

  • Create a XCode Project

  • Using Interface Builder

  • Model View Controller

  • Declarations

  • Declaring Instance Variable

  • Declaring Methods

Making Connections

  • Setting Connection to UI Views

  • Setting Target and Action

  • Deploying an Application

  • Application Life-Cycle

  • Summary

Swift Programming

  • Data Types

  • Operators,Conditions,Switch

  • Loops and Arrays/Collections

  • Functions

  • OOPS [ Classes, structure, Inheritence ]

  • Objects Arrays/Collections

  • Container-Ship

NSArray, NSMutable Array NSDirectory, NSMutable Direct

  • Sub-Classing an Objective C Class

  • Instance Variables

  • Accessors and Properties

  • Instance Methods

  • Initializers

  • Self

  • Super

Memory Management

  • Reference Counting

  • Auto-Release Pools

  • Retain Count Management

  • Target and Action Design Pattern


  • Setting Target and Actions

  • Implementing methods

Delegate Design Pattern

  • UI Text Field

  • What are Protocols

  • Implementing Delegate Methods

  • Summary

Core Location Framework

  • CL Location and CL Location Manager

  • Where Am I Application

View Controllers

  • Model View Controller Design Pattern

  • Basics of View Controller

  • Life-Cycle of View Controller

  • Types of View Controllers

  • Creation of View Controller

  • Using Interface Builder

  • Programmatically

Controls and Widgets

  • Progressview , radio group, checkboxes, scrollview etc

  • Pickerview,datepicker, navigation and tab bar controls, Sliders,ratingbar

  • Using Segue, View Controller, Cocoa touch framework

UI Navigation Controller

  • Basics of UINavigationController

  • UINavigationBar/ UINavigationItem

  • Creation of UINavigationController

  • Using Interface Builder

  • Programmatically

  • Summary

Controls and Widgets

  • Progressview , radio group, checkboxes, scrollview etc

  • Pickerview,datepicker, navigation and tab bar controls, Sliders,ratingbar

  • Using Segue, View Controller, Cocoa touch framework

UITableView and UITableViewController

  • Basics of UITableView

  • Creating a Custom UITableView

  • UITableView Cell

  • Tableview with delegates and images

  • Creating shoping cart with tableview and using it in multiscreens

  • Using Interface Builder

  • Programmatically

  • Summary

Playing Audio and Video

  • Playing Audio Files

  • Playing Video Files

  • Audio/Video Recording

  • Summary

Notification and Rotation

  • Notification Center

  • UIDevice Notification

  • Summary

Data Storage

  • Different Types of Storage

  • NSUserDefaults

  • SQLite

  • Files

  • Core Data

  • Saving and Loading Data From Property List Files

SQLite Programming

  • Basics of DML

  • Integration of SQLite into Apps

Session 22: XML Programming

  • Basics of XML Structure

  • XML Parsing

Core Data

  • Basics of Core Data

  • Store/Retrieve Data Using Core Data Framework

  • Build Sample App Using Core Data

  • Summary

Gesture Recognizers

  • Basics of Gesture

  • Building app with Gesture impacts

API Interface

  • Alamofire

  • JSON Parsing

  • Firebase

  • Installing pods

Google Map

  • GPS

  • Integrating Google Map with app

  • Location Tracing

  • Drawing Live Path On Google Map

Working with Censor

  • Introduction

  • Working with Graphics using Censor

  • Creating Games using Censors

Advanced Feature

  • Facebook Integration

  • Twitter Integration

  • Linked-In Integration

  • Google Plus Integration

App Store Basics

  • Overview of Developer/Provisional Certificates

  • Prepare App Store Built

iPad Basics

  • Overview of iPad Applciation

  • UIPopOver Controller

  • UISplitView Controller

Memory Management Tools

  • Troubleshooting

  • Troubleshooting a Basic Application

  • Creating Breakpoints and Using XCode Debugger

Projects on Apps

  • Gaming(minesweeper,car/motor cycle racing), Pizza Order, Traffic Control System,Automatic Mailing System

  • E-Commerce Apps including Payment Gateways

  • Pg System App

  • Car Pooling App

  • Food Delivering App

  • Share Market App

  • Employee/student attendance System App

  • Guardian App

  • Women Security App

  • Video Conferencing,Automatic control of Ambulance, Theft Monitoring, Crime Control System,Chatting, Path Tracer, Call Blocker, Call Recordings, Defense System etc.